CDOT Plastering ‘Hits Lead to Hits’ on Posters and Rolling Papers
April 18, 2018

This Boulder DUI attorney knows quite a bit about the dangers of driving high – having defended many clients who have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) after smoking marijuana and getting pulled over and arrested for driving high. I’ve also researched the Colorado marijuana culture, and I can say with […]

How to Survive a Trip to a Dive Bar
September 26, 2017

Toby Keith’s famous, twangy 2003 song “I Love This Bar” is about a mythical water hole frequented by yuppies, bikers, thirsty hitchhikers, pretty girls, fist fighters, early birds, and all-nighters, who drink beer from mason jars. Well, whether you live in a small rural town, or been to Denver’s Coyote Ugly or Tilted Kilt, you […]

Probable Cause for Making DUI Arrests: When Cops Can Detain You for Allegedly Driving Drunk
September 10, 2015

In light of our last blog on probable cause for DUI stops, now is a good time to also discuss probable cause for DUI arrests. As previously noted, probable cause refers to the “reasonable grounds” necessary for law enforcement officials to take some action. When it comes to making a drunk driving arrest, the probable […]

Probable Cause for DUI Stops: When Cops Can Stop You for Allegedly Driving Drunk
September 5, 2015

Before a law enforcement official can pull over a driver, there has to be probable cause for doing so. Probable cause refers to “reasonable grounds” for taking some action, and it is closely tied to people’s Fourth Amendment rights, which protects them from illegal search and seizure. In terms of DUI stops, various things can […]