This Boulder DUI attorney knows quite a bit about the dangers of driving high – having defended many clients who have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) after smoking marijuana and getting pulled over and arrested for driving high. I’ve also researched the Colorado marijuana culture, and I can say with some confidence that the Colorado Department of Transportation’s “Dangerous Combinations” campaign will have a positive impact on those who use marijuana either medicinal or recreational.1

In my honest opinion, the elements of the campaign that will have the biggest impact are the posters that will go up at dispensaries, and especially the messages that are being printed on rolling papers that will serve as literal and subliminal messages to those users that: “smoking and driving don’t mix.”

“CDOT wants marijuana users to understand that driving high has the same implications as driving drunk,” said Sam Cole, Safety Communications Manager at CDOT. “Driving high impairs your reaction time and vision, both of which are vital to driving safely.”

Why is Driving High Dangerous?

Because it was the first states to legalize marijuana in the United States, Colorado is the barometer, so to speak, that other states look to when developing legislature and driving laws dealing with marijuana-related issues. Here are a few statistics collected by CDOT concerning driving and marijuana use:

  • According to a CDOT voluntary survey taken last year, 55 percent of those who use marijuana reported driving high an average of seven days each month.
  • 1-out-of-5 DUIs in Colorado involves marijuana.

    CDOT Posters and Rolling Papers | Boulder DUI Lawyer

    CDOT Plastering ‘Hits Lead to Hits’ on Posters and Rolling Papers

Why CDOT’s Pot Posters and Rolling Papers Will Make an Impact?

Dispensaries are to marijuana users what bars are to drinkers and alcoholics – it’s their home away from home where they can get their intoxicant ingredients for their next high. Some folks actually have medical reasons for taking the drug, but most (even the medical card carrying ones) are just getting the stuff for their next high. Patrons pay attention to the posters and flyers at the dispensaries because they inform them about news products and the latest fads and trends in the industry. It’s a form of advertising that has been proven to work, and CDOT plans to tap into that mind messaging platform.

Here are some of the reasons why CDOT’s guerilla marketing posters and rolling papers will make an impact on dispensary patrons:

  • Marijuana sales in Colorado were just shy of $1 Billion in 2015 – that’s for both recreational, according to the state Department of Revenue.2
  • Colorado has approximately 120,000 medical patients.3
  • Marijuana companies are heavily restricted on where they can advertise. For instance, they can’t advertise on TV, in mainstream media publications, or radio with an audience of greater than 30% minors. That’s why branded advertising has such an impact inside dispensaries – customer take notice.

“I surveyed 20 promotional product companies to find out where our industry stands on selling and printing items for both medical and recreational marijuana businesses. The survey found that for the most part the promotional product industry embraces marijuana retailers,” wrote Branding Beat Columnist Jenna Markowski.4

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