As they should be, all clients are concerned about the price and cost of an attorney.  At Peter Loyd Weber & Associates, we are very mindful of this worry.  We are as up front, honest, and clear about the potential fees and costs as we can be.  If possible, we provide a potential estimate of your case at the first consultation.  Often, we will require what is called a retainer fee.  Please see below for more information about what this means.  Finally, we will regularly provide statements to you outlining all time and work done on your case, and we are always there if you have questions or concerns about it.

Retainer Fee

Oftentimes, we require what is called a retainer fee.  A retainer fee is a certain amount of money that you provide up front before we begin work on your case.  By law, this money goes into a separate bank account and we do not draw on it until we have actually done work on your case.

Each retainer fee is different and depends upon the complexity of the case.  The retainer fee is only earned by us as we work on the case.  Sometimes, this retainer fee is refundable!  If your case does not require as much work as you paid into the account, we will refund that portion of the retainer fee.

Flat Fee v. Hourly Fee

In some cases, we believe a flat fee for a client is the best scenario.  If this is the case for you, we can give you an honest assessment of what we believe the case will cost you, and charge you only that amount.  You would pay this flat fee and then we would work on your case until it is finished, with no mind to working more than what we originally charged.

In other cases, we believe an hourly fee for a client is the best scenario.  If this is the case for you, we will bill you as we work on your case, per hour.  We do not charge an hour of work if we only worked for five minutes.  Rather, the hourly fee can be broken down to much smaller increments.  This means that, for you, we only charge you for the actual minutes we work on your case.

Free Phone Consultation

We offer free phone consultations for potential clients.  These conversations can be helpful to you if you do not have such a complex issue that we believe you do not need an attorney.  This phone call could save you time and money, or it could warn of you of the necessities of hiring an experienced firm.  Call us today at (720) 863-7755 and receive this great service for free!

Save Yourself Money

Whether you hire us, or another attorney, here are a few tips to remember in order to keep your attorney’s fees (whatever type they may be) as low as possible:

  • When meeting with your attorney, show up with as many documents that you may think they need, as possible.  Or, even email your attorney these documents before you arrive.
  • When you schedule a meeting with your attorney, show up on time and on schedule.
  • If you would like to speak with your lawyer, either keep the phone calls as short as possible, or email them.  Email can sometimes be quicker and more to the point.
  • When speaking with your attorney, keep the conversation focused on what is important; try not to chit chat about issues the lawyer cannot change.