In our intellectual property practice, we focus on securing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property assets through brand development, counseling, portfolio development, securing patents and trademarks, and licensing.  We represent a variety of clients, from small start-ups to large companies and universities offering the following services:

Trademark Prosecution and Brand Development

Our team protects the brand identities of businesses and regularly prosecutes trademark applications throughout the world, using a well-established global network of trademark counsel.  When choosing a new name for your business or for a specific product, it is important to consult a trademark attorney. Our team can conduct searches of the relevant trademark databases to evaluate the availability of a potential name. It’s most cost-effective to conduct the searches early in your selection process in order to avoid investing in the development of a brand that may ultimately have to be abandoned because of prior rights established by a third party.

Patent Prosecution and Patentability Opinions

Patents provide exclusivity over the ideas underlying innovation and thus afford the broadest scope of intellectual property protection.  We protect technology and innovation in the broadest possible terms and across a wide array of industries, including software, information technology, mechanical, and more. We provide a range of services to our clients, including patentability opinions, preparing patent applications, filing applications, and prosecuting applications in the US and abroad.

IP Due Diligence

Our team can assist with the intellectual property elements of your company’s due diligence.  We evaluate the intellectual property portfolio, including patents, designs, copyrights, registered and common law trademarks, licenses, and software assets.  We can help to establish a clear chain of title and prepare the appropriate assignment documents so that the ownership of the assets is clear.

IP Licensing, Agreements, and Negotiations

Our team can help you structure the agreements so that everyone has an accurate understanding of the terms and clear standards for each party’s behavior so that your business relationships can thrive.  We can assist in structuring the deals so that you maintain protection of your brands, inventions, or other licensed technology.


The purpose of copyright law is to protect the fixed expression of an original work of authorship.  Our team can advise you when and how often to register the copyright in a particular work.  We also assist with drafting assignment agreements when you engage a designer to create a logo, graphic, or other work for use in connection with your business.