A Boulder DUI lawyer explains license suspensions after CO DUI arrests & how to avoid them.

A Boulder DUI lawyer explains license suspensions after CO DUI arrests & how to avoid them.

Whether your license will be suspended after a drunk driving arrest in Colorado will depend on the circumstances of your DUI stop – and what you do following your arrest.

When DUI Arrests Result in Drivers’ License Suspensions

  • When motorists refuse to submit to blood alcohol content (BAC) testing during the DUI stop – These refusals, which violate the implied/express consent law in Colorado, will typically result in an automatic driver’s license suspension for drivers. While first-time refusals are usually met with a one-year suspension, 2nd and 3rd refusals are usually penalized with 2-year or 3-year suspensions, respectively. And these license suspensions will not be reversed or terminated even if criminal charges are never filed, if the DUI charges are later dropped or if the case ends in an acquittal.
  • When motorists fail to request a DMV hearing within the required time frame – Following a DUI arrest, drivers have no more than 7 days to request a DMV hearing in order to try to keep their driving privileges. If drivers miss this window of time, they will not have the chance to try to retain their license; instead, an automatic suspension will take effect.
  • When DMV hearings do not end in motorists’ favor – Just because motorists request a DMV hearing does not necessarily mean that they will get to keep their licenses. If, after the hearing, the presiding DMV official rules that a license suspension is warranted (based on hearing the facts of the case), again, the motorist in question will lose his driving privileges.

DUIs & Drivers’ License Suspensions: More Important Info

  • Early reinstatement may be possible in some cases if motorists install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) in their vehicles and remain compliant with all of the requirements associated with these devices.
  • Drivers’ license suspensions will be longer when motorists have prior DUI convictions on their record. In fact
  • Driving on a suspended license can result in a DUI probation violation, creating additional legal problems – and possibly resulting in people being immediately sent to jail (to serve out the term of a sentence suspended as part of their probation).

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