The consequences of missing a DUI court date or hearing

The consequences of missing a DUI court date or hearing

Missing a court date for your DUI case can have a number of consequences. Understanding what these can be – and what you can do to mitigate them – can be the key to avoiding additional challenges and penalties. And that, in turn, can be integral to bringing your DUI case to the best possible resolution.

Providing more insight regarding this issue, the following answers some commonly asked questions about the possible impacts of missing a DUI court date.

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Missing a DUI Court Date: FAQs

Q – What occurs after I miss a hearing for my DUI case?

A – In general, a judge will issue a bench warrant for you if you fail to appear for a hearing in your DUI case – and if you don’t have a lawyer appearing on your behalf or you have not already requested a continuance (i.e., you have not previously rescheduled the hearing). This effectively means that:

  • You can be arrested immediately upon any interaction with a law enforcement official (including during a traffic stop, a checkpoint, etc.).
  • The bench warrant will become public record, meaning that anyone who performs a background check on you can see that you have an active warrant out for your arrest.

Q – How can I check if I have a bench warrant?

A – If you have missed a court date in your DUI case – or if you have any reason to expect that a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, you can:

  • Call the court directly to ask if there is, in fact, a warrant out for you. If so, a court official can also inform you of how to resolve the issue (and whether you may be arrested upon coming to court to try to resolve it).
  • Consult an attorney ASAP who can take care of everything necessary in order to get the warrant pulled and get your DUI case back on track.

Q – If I know ahead of time that I can’t make a certain court date for my DUI case, what should I do?

A – You will have notice of any and all court dates associated with your DUI case. So, if you know that you cannot make a certain date in your case, be sure to request a continuance OR retain an attorney who can appear on your behalf.

Do NOT do nothing and skip the court date if you can help it. That will typically only cause you more problems and stress – and it can end up looking like you are not taking the charges or case seriously, which may impact your defense.

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