Motorists are generally aware that, during certain times of the week and year, cops are more vigilant about patrolling for drunk drivers. That’s why, after all, police tend to set up checkpoints and be out in greater numbers over Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as over festive holidays, like Memorial Day and July 4th.

Did you know, however, that you may be more likely to be stopped for suspicion of DUI based on where you drive – not just when you drive? Well, a recently published study has highlighted this point, revealing the top locations in Denver – and throughout the country – where motorists are most likely to be arrested for allegedly driving drunk.

This study, which was conducted by Project Know, primarily focused on data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and its findings are eye-opening.

Here’s Where Most DUI Arrests Take Place in Denver

According to Project Know’s rankings, the top 10 locations in Denver for DUI arrests are the following neighborhoods (with the numbers below reflecting the arrest rate per every 10,000 motorists):

  • Here are the leading spots for DUI arrests in Denver, according to one study, a Boulder DUI lawyer explains. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

    Here are the leading spots for DUI arrests in Denver, according to one study, a Boulder DUI lawyer explains. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

    Stapleton (83)

  • Five Points (79)
  • Capitol Hill (72)
  • Montbello (68)
  • Baker (68)
  • Lincoln Park (65)
  • Westwood (64)
  • Highland (60)
  • Globeville (55)
  • Hampden South (54).

Researchers have cautioned, however, that these rankings do NOT include data associated with fatal DUI collisions in which no arrests were made (because the alleged drunk drivers were among those killed in the accidents).

What do you think about this ranking? Have you experienced “hot spots” for cops patrolling for DUIs in Denver – or elsewhere in Colorado? Share your opinions and experiences with us on Facebook & Google+.

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