Colorado Bill to Seal Marijuana Convictions Passes Committee
June 18, 2014

A bipartisan bill, SB 14-218, recently passed committee hearings in the Colorado legislature that would allow people who were convicted of activity now legal under Amendment 64 to have their criminal records sealed. This includes all activity under Amendment 64 ranging from possession of less than one ounce to cultivation of less than six plants. […]

Amendment 64 Applies Retroactively to Past Convictions (Maybe)
April 19, 2014

In a landmark case issued on March 13, 2014; the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that legalized marijuana under Amendment 64 applies retroactively to past possession of marijuana convictions. The case entitled People v. Russell involving a woman convicted of (among other crimes) possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of marijuana […]

Change in Colorado Drug Crime Classifications
October 25, 2013

Colorado changed the way it classifies drug crimes on October 1, 2013. Prior to October 1, Colorado sentencing guidelines did not separate drug crimes from other crimes. For example, possession of more than 2 grams of Methamphetamine and 2nd degree assault were both Class 4 felonies sentenced under the same guidelines. Under the new classifications non-drug […]