Annulments Versus Divorces in Colorado
June 18, 2014

People are often confused about the differences between obtaining a divorce (or dissolution of marriage) and an annulment. It is a common misconception that if a person wants to break a marriage, they can get an annulment solely based on the length of marriage. In Colorado, to receive an annulment there must be one of […]

Colorado and No Fault Divorce
March 3, 2014

At-Fault Divorce Historically, the legal system used to assign blame to one of the parties in the divorce and split marital assets in such a way that punished the party who was found to be at fault.  This turned an already emotional and difficult divorce into a full blown war with both people trying to […]

The High Cost of a Cheap Divorce
November 12, 2013

In a relatively recent article from the Washington Times, the author outlines a study about the concerns of individuals facing a divorce (see article here).  The number one concern: the cost of a divorce. The next question on anyone’s mind after that statement should be: well, what is the cost of a divorce?  Of course, […]