Colorado’s Express Consent Law
November 29, 2013

It is important for any driver to understand Colorado’s Express Consent Law.  This statute states that whenever a driver is suspected of driving while impaired due to alcohol or drugs or both, a police officer can request that a driver consent to a chemical test, either a Breathalyzer or blood test, to determine whether there […]

Potential Penalties if Convicted of DUI or DWAI
July 15, 2013

What is the difference between a DWAI and DUI? Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) both indicate that a driver was driving while impaired by alcohol.  The difference between the two is the degree of impairment with DUI indicating a driver was more impaired than a DWAI.  The delineation most […]

The emotional impact of being charged with a DUI/DWAI
March 20, 2013

A person charged with a DUI/DWAI is not just impacted by the economical burdens that a DUI/DWAI can bring, but also affected by the emotional strain it can have on a person. DUI/DWAI offenders often had clean driving records prior to making the poor decision to drink and drive, which will stay with them for […]

House Bill 13-1214 to make repeat DUIs a felony
February 24, 2013

On February 21st, 2013 the House Judiciary Committee voted unanimously in favor of House Bill 13-1214. This Bill will modify the charge for repeat DUI offenders who would have received a misdemeanor, and will now receive felony charges. “Colorado is one of just five states left with no felony DUI law, so you can be […]

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding DUI and DWAI
February 21, 2013

Do people get pulled over for DUI? People usually do not get pulled over for DUI specifically.  The police may suspect that a driver is under the influence based on the way he is driving.  But, the police must have reasonable suspicion that an independent infraction occurred to stop, or “pull over”, any motorist.  This […]