It’s almost as if we cannot get away from it.  Social media is everywhere these days.  Either you are on it, or your family is, or your friends are, but someone you know is definitely using social media.  And that can be okay, just not in certain situations.

One situation to stay away from social media: when you are having family issues.  That is, if you are going through a divorce, a separation, a child custody dispute, a child relocation procedure, or if you are trying to enforce child support, you should not take your issue to social media.

People say things in the heat of the moment.  Things they would not normally say in a court.  However, if you are in court for an issue, anything you say on social media could be entered into evidence in your court case.  For that very reason, you do not want to put your family issues out for the world to see.

In this case, the world definitely includes the court.  Do not make posts, do not take untoward pictures, do not send “in the heat of the moment” texts or emails.  Take a step back before calling, emailing, texting, or posting anything online.  Take at least 24 hours, then make the call or send the email.  Better yet, hopefully you’ve hired an attorney, and you can ask your attorney if it would be a good idea.  Most likely, your attorney will tell you no.

Just like oil and water, family issues and social media should be completely separate.  Do not try to mix them, as they just do not go together.