In Colorado, an award of child support is formulaic, except when other legal issues are involved, and in almost all cases, other legal issues are involved. At the law office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates, we have experience representing clients in all family law matters, including child support issues. Having a Colorado family law attorney on your side is crucial when you are thinking of the child’s best interest. Call us at (720) 863-7755 for a free consultation to see how we can help you today!

FAQ’s about child support:

I believe the father/mother of my child owes me money to support our child. What should I do?

If you find yourself in a situation where the other biological parent of your child is not paying you to support your child, you have a few options. You can contact the Law Office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates to help you being the legal process of filing court papers to order the other parent to pay child support. You can also contact your county’s Child Support Enforcement unit, and request their assistance in obtaining child support.

How long am I obligated to pay child support?

In most circumstances, a parent is liable for child support until the child turns 19. However, there are exceptions to this rule. You may be liable for longer if your child is disabled or is still in high school. Additionally, if you have contracted that you will pay for your child’s college education, you may still be liable for support beyond the typical 19 years.

How much child support will I have to pay?

Child support in Colorado is based on how many overnights the parent has with the child. That is, you must have at least 93 overnights in one year before you will be considered to already be paying some child support. For a more complete understanding of this “golden number” of 93, please see our blog (insert link to child support basics).

Once a specific amount of child support is ordered, can it be modified?

The short answer is yes. However, modifying an existing court order of child support is not necessarily complicated, but it is easiest to have an attorney help you through the process. There are only certain circumstances that a court will consider to modify an existing order. Contact the Law Office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates. We can give you a free phone consultation on your legal issue.

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