Elder law encompasses estate planning, but also includes long term and Medicaid planning, and a determination of potential VA benefits.   Estate planning can ease the burden of assisted living or nursing home costs for individuals or their families. Often individuals wait too long to address this issue. At Peter Loyd Weber & Associates, we are here to ensure that you are well prepared for your and your family’s future.  Please call us for a free phone consultation and take an important step in planning for your future at 720-863-7755. 

Elder Law Overview

Elder law is not one area of the law, but multiple areas that include planning and dealing with legal issues pertaining specifically to the senior population.  We can help you write documents to plan for your estate, plan for incapacity, and for whom you would choose to represent your best interests.  Maybe most importantly, we can help you plan to protect your assets in order to receive Medicaid.  Besides reading this page, please also take the time to read our other website pages on the various types of estate planning we can help you with.

Medicaid Planning

Both Medicare and Medicaid are a joint federal and state program.  Medicare is a benefit almost all individuals can receive after the age of 65.  Medicaid, however, is not automatic.  In Colorado, seniors can qualify for Medicaid, but only under certain circumstances, and after a somewhat lengthy application process.  
It cannot be stressed enough how important it may be to retain an attorney to plan to apply for Medicaid.  After a thorough examination of all of your assets, we can help you determine what needs to be done before you even apply for Medicaid.  This is important because an application for Medicaid includes a “look back” period of five years.  This means that you should be considering how to protect your assets well in advance of the potential need for Medicaid.  
Then, once you have actually applied, we can help if Medicaid determines you to be not eligible.  We can represent you through the appeals process.  You can also begin the research yourself here.

Long Term Care Planning

Prior planning for the possibility of needed long term care can prevent potential financial problems.  Implementation of an effective plan with help you in the long run.  Whether you would choose to be in an assisted living facility or desire to have in-home care, or one of any number of now available resources, arrangements should be made in advance to ensure that your wishes can at least potentially be followed and not just set aside as a non-possibility.