Being charged with a probation violation in Colorado can be a serious offense, and therefore you need serious representation. Each criminal case is unique, and you deserve a defense specifically tailored to your case. Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience representing clients charged with a violation of probation. Whether you need to go to a hearing to defend your innocence, or you need to plea bargain with your probation officer and the district attorney, we here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates can help you in this endeavor.

Probation Violations in General

For you to be on probation, you must have been found guilty of some crime – whether that was simple harassment charges, or possibly a serious felony charge. Once on probation, you must follow the guidelines the court and probation ask of you. This typically means you must submit to some sort of drug screening, they may require you to take some sort of class to “educate” you on your offense, or you could just have to check in with your probation officer so they know where you are living and what you are doing.Then, if you do not comply with probation, your probation officer can “violate” you on your probation. This means you can be charged for one of two reasons: you either did something wrong, or you failed to do something on time.If you violate the probationary terms, you can either be arrested on a warrant or given a summons to appear in court (this is at the discretion of your probation officer). And if you are found guilty of violating the probationary terms, you could be sentenced to the maximum penalties of the original crime.

Answering Probation Violations

You should not just accede to the charges of violating probation – especially if you feel you did nothing wrong, and especially if the probation department is looking to put you into jail. If you desire to be heard by the court that you, in fact, were in compliance with your probation terms, we here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates have experience defending clients from a revocation of probation. Please contact us today at (720) 863-7755 for a free consultation on your unique case.