Drug Offenses, Including Possession and Distribution

Being charged with a drug offense in Colorado is a serious offense, and therefore you need serious representation. Each criminal case is unique, and you deserve a defense specifically tailored to your case. Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience representing clients charged with a drug offense. Whether you need to go to trial to defend your innocence, or you need to plea bargain your way down for a better consequence, we here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates can help you in this endeavor.

Types of “Illegal” Drugs in Colorado

Drug offenses in Colorado are a wide and varied sort. There are quite possibly thousands of “drugs” that the government regulates. These drugs include legal prescriptions such as anti-depressants, and illegal substances such as methamphetamines. Further, although Coloradoans passed Amendment 64, the state and federal government still regulate the possession, sale, use, and public display of marijuana.

Typical Legal Issues in Drug Offense Cases

Because drug cases usually involve some sort of “search” by the police department, your lawyer should be looking into whether the search violated your constitutional rights. The law office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience dealing with these exact type of issues.Additionally, a lot of the time individuals involved with drugs are usually not the type to need incarceration. Rather, these individuals typically would do better with a rehabilitation program designed to help with their drug issues. Therefore, your lawyer should be well versed in whether and when the courts allow these individuals to stay out of prison and enter into rehab instead. We here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates have experience on this specific issue, and we can help design an outcome with the courts that will help you, and not necessarily incarcerate you.

Sentencing Guidelines of Drug Offenses

Drug offenses used to be penalized according to a “Schedule.” That is, some drugs were Schedule I, Schedule II, or Schedule III. At that time, sentencing for drug offenses were based on the schedule.Now, however, Colorado has instituted new drug sentencing guidelines. We have written a blog post about them here. But the short of it is, drugs are still based somewhat on the Schedule, but the sentencing guidelines are different. Sentencing for drug offenses will now typically be based on how much of the specific drug was in the person’s possession, or how much the person was manufacturing, or how much the person was selling or transferring.See our blog post that contains a chart of possible consequences of the crime for which you have been charged.

Marijuana Specific Offenses

Since the passing of Amendment 64, the general public has a lot of misconceptions about marijuana laws in Colorado. The first misconception is that marijuana is completely legal. This is, in fact, very untrue. No matter what Colorado law is, it is still against federal law to possess, sell, or smoke any amount of marijuana.The Law Office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates is here to inform you of the newest laws on marijuana in Colorado, how you can stay out of trouble, and how you can best fight your way out of the sometimes messy criminal law system.

Types of Drug Cases we Defend

PossessionTransfer / SharingSellingManufacturingPublic Use / DisplayCultivation

At the Law Office of Peter Loyd Weber & Associates, we have experience representing clients in the matters of drug possession, distribution, and conspiracy. As outlined above, there are standard life-altering punishments for those convicted of possession of illegal drugs in Colorado. Having a Colorado Drug Crimes Defense Attorney on your side is crucial when you or a loved one is faced with drug offense charges. Call us at (720) 863-7755 for a free consultation to see how we can help you today!