Being charged with child abuse in Colorado is a serious offense, and therefore you need serious representation. Each criminal case is unique, and you deserve a defense specifically tailored to your case. Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience representing clients charged with child abuse. Whether you need to go to trial to defend your innocence, or you need to plea bargain your way down for a better consequence, we here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates can help you in this endeavor.

When You Should Get a Lawyer

The short answer is: now. The longer answer follows. It is unimaginably important for you to consider hiring a lawyer if you have been charged with Child Abuse. Many, many times Children and Family Services, or even police, will want to speak with you about what may or may not have happened. While you may think just telling the truth will get everything straightened out, many times this is just not the case. Anything you say can be used against you. Even if you say you didn’t do it – that too can be used against you. Therefore, before speaking with any authority on the matter, you should consult with an attorney to determine what is your best course of action.

Legal Issues Specific To Child Abuse Charges

Because even leaving a child unattended for 30 seconds in the car is an offense against a child, an attorney experienced in the legal matters specific to the child abuse charge should defend you. Defending against child abuse charges is tricky when you need to subpoena a child, or when you need to present an affirmative defense of reasonable discipline of a child. At Peter Loyd Weber & Associates, we have such experience and are willing and able to put this experience to good use in defending you against child abuse charges.

Possible Consequences of being Charged and or Convicted of Child Abuse

In a horrible situation in which you have been arrested or charged with Child Abuse, you could be prevented from having any contact with the child until the case is finalized. You could be placed on “monitored sobriety” wherein you must submit to alcohol and drug screening until the case is finalized. If you are convicted of child abuse, you could lose any and all contact with the child, and even other children. A conviction can also affect career and job prospects. Even if you desired, you could be prevented from adopting other children, or adopting step-children in the future.