Being charged with assault in Colorado is a serious offense, and therefore you need serious representation. Each criminal case is unique, and you deserve a defense specifically tailored to your case. Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience representing clients charged with assault. Whether you need to go to trial to defend your innocence, or you need to plea bargain your way down for a better consequence, we here at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates can help you in this endeavor.

The crime of assault in Colorado is typically categorized in one of three ways: first, second, and third degree. The difference is how one can be punished for each degree of assault.

You can find the definitions of all types of assault under Colorado Revised Statute 18-3-202, 18-3-203, and 18-3-204. Felony Assault includes both first and second degree, and vehicular assault. Misdemeanor Assault includes only third degree assault.

Additionally, assault can sometimes be categorized as a crime of violence, which means the sentence can be “enhanced” (i.e. increased), and your life outside of the courtroom can be affected. Sometimes your job, your housing, and/or your parental rights can be affected by a crime of violence charge. Therefore, it is extremely important you retain a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Unfortunately, a lot of the times police officers have investigated a fight, and end up incorrectly arresting the wrong person. Or, also a lot of times, you may have in fact hit someone, but you did it in self-defense, as they attacked you first. These are the types of situations where an experienced criminal defense attorney can help make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Peter Loyd Weber & Associates has experience dealing specifically with assault cases. Call us today for a free consultation on your unique case.

See our sentencing guidelines for felonies and misdemeanors to better understand possible consequences of a conviction of assault.

First Degree Assault:

First degree assault is a felony in Colorado. An individual can be convicted of first degree assault if they intended to cause serious bodily injury, or intended to cause serious and permanent disfigurement to another person, with use of a deadly weapon. First degree assault can be either a Class 3 or Class 5 felony, dependent upon whether the case involves fights that occurred in the “heat of passion.”

Second Degree Assault:

Second degree assault is also a felony in Colorado. An individual can be convicted of second degree assault if they intended to or recklessly caused serious bodily to another person. Or, an individual can be convicted of second degree assault if they intend to prevent a police officer from performing a lawful duty (i.e. arresting an individual), and they intentionally cause bodily injury to an officer. Assault in the second degree can be a Class 3 or a Class 4 Felony depending on the circumstances.

Third Degree Assault:

Third degree assault is a class one misdemeanor. Generally, third degree assault occurs when a person knowingly or recklessly causes bodily injury to another person. And bodily injury can be as little as causing “pain” to another person. A lot of cases of third degree assault have the added moniker of “domestic violence.”