A month ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) partnered up to put on a Power of Parents workshop aimed at informing parents on tools to use to education their kids on the dangers of underage drinking and conveying that kids should never get in a car with a drunk driver.1

That event was topped off on April 21, which was designated as the national day beginning of beginning that difficult, but very important conversation with their children about drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel drunk.

Takeaway from the ‘Power of Parents’ Workshop and Survey Parents Took

PowerTalk with Kids About DUIs | Boulder DUI Attorney

MADD & CSP Ask Parents to Have PowerTalk with Kids About DUIs

Here’s are some of interesting findings from the workshop survey results:

  • Survey results indicate that a majority of parents do talk with their kids about the dangers of getting into a car with a drunk driver; however, many admit they are sending hypocritical or bad impressions at times because of their own behaviors
  • 80 percent of those parents surveyed indicated they talk to their children about the dangers of getting into a vehicle with a drunk driver
  • Unfortunately, 43 percent of those parents admitted that they have had an alcohol drink or two and then drove their children somewhere

Parenting and setting the right example for our kids is a huge impression that lasts a lifetime, so if you are a parent, make sure you are setting the right examples.

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1“MADD and Colorado State Patrol launch annual PowerTalk 21 efforts” published in The Villager, April 2016.

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