After being arrested for drunk driving earlier this week, an off-duty Denver cop may soon face DUI accident charges. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

After being arrested for drunk driving earlier this week, an off-duty Denver cop may soon face DUI accident charges. Contact us for the best DUI defense.

This past Monday, an off-duty Denver cop was involved in a traffic accident and, subsequently, was arrested by another officer with the DPD for suspicion of drunk driving. The traffic accident and DUI arrest reportedly occurred in the Green Valley Ranch area of Denver during the evening hours of March 2nd.

While Denver Police Commander Matt Murray did confirm the DUI arrest and stated that arrested officer has been placed on “non-line assignment” pending the outcome of this drunk driving case, little other details about this alleged DUI accident have been made public due to the ongoing investigation. Among some of the notable details of this DUI accident case that remain to be specified include:

  • Whether the officer refused any chemical testing
  • What the officer’s alleged BAC was at the time of her arrest
  • Whether the officer has any prior DUI cases
  • The nature and extent of the injuries caused by the accident.

A Closer Look at DUI Accident Cases

Given that a cop is at the center of this DUI accident case, it will be interesting to see what types of DUI charges are ultimately filed against the accused officer in this case – if, that is, any charges are ultimately pursued by prosecutors.

Depending on the details of the collision, it’s possible that this DUI accident case could result in Class 4 felony charges of vehicular assault involving alcohol being filed. What’s more is that:

  • If multiple people were injured in this DUI accident, the officer could face a separate Class 4 felony charge for each injured person.
  • If any of the injured parties ends up dying as a result of their DUI accident injuries, the charges could be elevated to Class 3 felony charges.
  • Prison time, along with hefty fines, could be imposed if the accused officer is ultimately convicted of any DUI accident charges.

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