New Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Focuses Message on Spanish Speakers

New Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Focuses Message on Spanish Speakers

La ultima y nos vamos – roughly translating to ‘one [drink] for the road’ – is the message at the center of CDOT’s latest anti-drunk driving campaign, which is aimed at deterring Spanish-speaking drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

This message and campaign is focused on reducing the number of drunk driving arrests (and crashes) associated with Hispanic motorists in order to promote safer roadway travels for all Coloradans. And with more than 20 percent of the state’s population being Hispanic, this campaign may have a powerful impact on Hispanic drivers’ choices – and the incidence of DUIs and DUI-related accidents – in Colorado.

As part of this effort, CDOT will reportedly be running various public service announcements on TV, as well as on the radio and online (including in social media). The main points of these messages, according to CDOT, are to remind Hispanic drivers that:

  • They should find a sober driver before they start drinking alcohol, rather than looking for the ‘most sober’ person to drive them at the end of the night.
  • Sober drivers are people who have not consumed any alcohol (or other substances). They are not people who have just had a few drinks or who only feel buzzed.
  • Call a cab, use public transportation or look to other options instead of driving when you are drunk.
  • Alcohol tends to impair people’s judgment and perception, making it more likely that buzzed or drunk people will make the poor decision to drive when they should not. So, don’t be afraid to step in to prevent a drunk person from driving when necessary. It could save one or more people’s lives.

CDOT Communications Manager Sam Cole has elaborated on authorities’ intents with this new campaign, explaining that, “Safety is a top priority for CDOT and this PSA continues our efforts to reach Colorado residents with culturally- and linguistically-relevant safety messaging.”

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