Nearly 600 DUI Arrests Made in Colorado Over Office Holiday Party Crackdown, CDOT Reports

Nearly 600 DUI Arrests Made in Colorado Over Office Holiday Party Crackdown, CDOT Reports

Over the first two weeks of December, the Office Holiday Party DUI campaign in Colorado resulted in 596 DUI arrests, officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently announced.

This crackdown, which occurred from Dec. 4th through the 14th, was headed up by Colorado State Patrol and was backed by more than 90 local law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

While this year’s campaign averaged about 60 DUI arrests for each day it was conducted, these arrest numbers actually represent a decline in arrest rates when comparing them to the arrests made during the 2014 and the 2013 campaigns run over the same periods. In fact, the Office Holiday Party DUI crackdown down resulted in:

  • 645 impaired driving arrests in 2014, when 77 local law enforcement agencies were backing this effort (along with CSP)
  • 679 DUI arrests in 2013, when 80 agencies and CSP were overseeing this campaign.

The two-year decline in DUI arrests over this period, coupled with the growth in enforcement, seems to indicate that fewer motorists are getting behind the wheel when impaired – at least for this two-week period.

More Work Needs to Be Done to Deter Impaired Driving, Authorities Say

Although the decline in DUI arrests over the Office Holiday Party crackdown seems to be the start of an auspicious trend, Colorado authorities are not relaxing their efforts to get impaired motorists off of the road.

Explaining this, CDOT Director of Transportation Safety, Darrell Lingk, stated:

There is still a lot of work to be done to reverse the trend of drug and alcohol-related fatalities in Colorado… We will continue to look at ways to educate the public on the dangers of driving impaired and work with law enforcement to ensure our roadways are safe… Our goal is always to reduce [DUI] numbers.

As part of the ongoing work authorities are doing to reduce impaired driving and DUI accidents in Colorado, another crackdown is planned for New Year’s Eve – another period when authorities tend ot see a spike in impaired motorists on the roads.

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