Missteps that Could Hurt a DUI Defense

Missteps that Could Hurt a DUI Defense

Being accused of drunk or stoned driving can be stressful, scary and frustrating. What you do after DUI charges have been filed against you, however, can make a big difference in the strength of your defense case moving forward. And that can impact how favorable the resolution to your DUI case ends up being.

To help people accused of impaired driving understand some of things that can subvert their defense efforts, below, we have revealed some of the most common missteps that can weaken DUI defense cases.

While the following information is enlightening, however, don’t hesitate to contact a Boulder DUI attorney at Peter Loyd Weber & Associates when you need answers about your defense options – and when you are ready for the strongest DUI defense representation moving forward.

How to Avoid Damaging Your DUI Defense: Missteps to Avoid

  1. Driving while your license is suspended – Following a DUI arrest, a driver only has a limited amount of time to try to preserve his driving privileges (via the administrative case with the Colorado DMV. If these efforts are not successful and the motorist’s license ends up being suspended, abiding by this suspension – and NOT driving during this time – will be crucial.
    • Potential consequences – New criminal charges, as well as possible “evidence” prosecutors can use that someone has a “history” of violating traffic laws
  2. Missing any court date for your DUI case – Before the trial gets underway, there may be various court dates in a case, including those for arraignments, pre-trial hearings, etc.
    • Potential consequences – Missing any court dates for a DUI can result in “failure to appear,” triggering a judge to issue a bench warrant for the accused. While this can mean the accused individual can be immediately arrested if stopped by a cop, it can also make it difficult to later argue that the individual is a law-abiding citizen or that (s)he is serious about doing what is necessary to favorably resolve the case.
  3. Discussing the case on social media – Posting any details about the DUI stop and/or arrest on social media platforms can be another big problem for a future defense case, as online postings may be subpoenaed by prosecutors later.
    • Potential consequences – The biggest problem with this is that it could end up giving prosecutors more potential evidence of impairment, especially if the postings involve admissions of drinking alcohol prior to the arrest, pictures of partying/drinking alcohol prior the arrest, etc.
  4. Assuming the DUI case can’t be defended – This can mislead people accused of DUIs to automatically plead guilty or to avoid consulting an attorney to find out more about their defense options.
    • Potential consequences – Assuming the DUI case can’t be won can lead not only to convictions but also to far harsher penalties that could have been avoided or minimized had the accused individual reached out to an attorney for help defending the case.

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