In a relatively recent article from the Washington Times, the author outlines a study about the concerns of individuals facing a divorce (see article here).  The number one concern: the cost of a divorce.

The next question on anyone’s mind after that statement should be: well, what is the cost of a divorce?  Of course, the answer is widely variable and is almost never concrete.  The price of divorce is dependent upon: the actual filing costs, the possibility of a lawyer, if children are involved, how “messy” the divorce may be, and a multitude of other factors.

One major point to consider is an attorney.  An attorney with no experience may cost you more to learn the road but could be cheaper because they are new; whereas an experienced attorney may take less time to get you a divorce (and thereby charge less), but also may cost more because they are experienced.  The cost of the attorney will also be dependent upon how “messy” the divorce is, considering if the parties cannot agree on anything, or if one party is hiding some assets, or if a party is determined to make the proceeding as difficult as possible.

Even though the cost of the divorce may be seemingly high when you a hire an attorney, think about what you may be giving up without having an attorney.  Are you giving away too much? Are you not thinking about all the assets of both parties? Are you just trying to be done with it rather than thoroughly think through all of the issues?  An attorney can give you the advice and necessary thoroughness a divorce should be given.  An attorney can give you a piece of mind that you are not getting run over.  An attorney can clarify complex issues for you.

So while you may want to “save” money now by doing a divorce on the “cheap” with your soon to be ex-spouse, it is most likely a better idea to get an attorney you feel comfortable with in order to prevent higher costs later (e.g. your ex had a stash of money in Switzerland that you should have gotten a part of).

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