Facts about CO DUI Plea Deals

Facts about CO DUI Plea Deals

When facing DUI charges (or other criminal charges), it may be possible for the accused to work out plea deals with prosecutors – depending, of course, on the specifics of the case and the criminal record of the accused.

In the event DUI plea deals are an option, here are some of the most important facts that accused individuals should be aware of as they proceed:

  1. Colorado DUI plea deals can come in many forms – In fact, Colorado DUI plea deals can typically do at least one of the following:
    • Reduce the DUI charges to lesser charges (i.e., wet reckless charges) in exchange for a guilty plea – This is usually only an option for first-time cases when BACs are just at or under 0.08 and when no aggravating circumstances are involved.
    • Drop one (or more) of the charges filed in exchange for a guilty plea to one (or more) other charge(s) – For instance, a prosecutor may agree to drop charges of resisting arrest or leaving the scene of an accident in exchange for a guilty plea on DUI charges.
    • Reduce the proposed penalties in exchange for a guilty plea – For example, a prosecutor may agree to suspend jail time in exchange for a guilty plea (and the successful completion of probation).
  2. Colorado DUI plea deals can be made before or during trial – In other words, as long as a DUI case is still pending and a verdict has not been handed down, the option for working out a DUI plea deal can still be on the table. More specifically, this can mean that Colorado DUI plea deals may be negotiated at any point prior to or during the trial for the case.
  3. Colorado DUI plea deals are subject to judicial approval – Just because a prosecutor agrees to a specific DUI plea deal does not necessarily mean that the deal is set in stone; that’s because all plea deals will have to be reviewed and approved by a judge. And, if the judge does not believe the deal is fair, (s)he can reject it and impose his or her own sentence in its place.
  4. When these plea deals are approved, satisfying all of their terms will be critical to successfully resolving the DUI case – These terms can include paying all DUI fines, completing any jail time (if ordered), not driving while a license is under suspension and satisfying all other terms of the DUI probation. If people fail to complete the terms of their deal, they can face new legal troubles.

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