A person charged with a DUI/DWAI is not just impacted by the economical burdens that a DUI/DWAI can bring, but also affected by the emotional strain it can have on a person. DUI/DWAI offenders often had clean driving records prior to making the poor decision to drink and drive, which will stay with them for a long time. Some of those emotional impacts include: depression, financial difficulties, loss of freedom, and embarrassment and resentment from the general public, friends, and family.



The financial impact, along with the stress of going through a DUI/DWAI charge, can place a great burden on an individual. A person can feel that they no longer have or will have the life that they intended because of a DUI/DWAI conviction. This can often lead to a person isolating themselves from social situations because of the shame for having such a conviction. Isolation from loved ones can cause emotional stress and depression. It is important to contact a professional if one continues to fall deeper into depression.


Financial difficulties:

A DUI/DWAI comes with great financial strains. Generally, a person convicted of a DUI/DWAI will pay for the help of an attorney, along with large fines for the initial charge, higher vehicle insurance costs, and other fees directly related to the DUI/DWAI. This conviction can also impact a person’s employment and college opportunities, as many employers and schools will look at your record before and during accepting you to their facility.


Loss of freedom:

A DUI/DWAI can cause a person to have their licensed revoked, which can leave them feeling helpless and dependent on others. If your license is revoked, you no longer have a reliable transportation method for work or errands without relying on the help of others. This dependency can have a great emotional impact, especially if the person is self-reliant and is accustomed to doing things on their own.


Embarrassment and Resentment:

After being charged or convicted of a DUI/DWAI, a person can feel shame or embarrassment from having to go through the court process and telling family members and friends. This embarrassment can be very straining on a person emotionally, since many people (friends and family included) will judge you based on the negative stigma that a DUI/DWAI carries. People who have been negatively impacted by a previous DUI/DWAI event may blame you for their previous pain and resent you for it.

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