Retired NFL Player Donovan McNabb was recently arrested for DUI in Gilbert, Arizona. According to the police report for this DUI arrest that was released last week, McNabb was involved in a non-injury car accident, rear-ending another driver, late at night on Sunday June 28th.

An experienced Adams County & Boulder DUI lawyer discusses recent DUI news involving the arrest of former NFL Player Donovan McNabb for alleged DUI.

An experienced Adams County & Boulder DUI lawyer discusses recent DUI news involving the arrest of former NFL Player Donovan McNabb for alleged DUI.

Upon responding to the scene, a traffic officer noted signs of alleged impairment, writing in the police report that “a strong, fruity odor on [McNabb’s] breath” had been detected by the officer. Additionally, the report stated that “Donovan’s eyes were watery and very bloodshot and his speech was slurred.”

The report goes on to explain that:

  • While McNabb admitted to coming from a sports bar and being on his way home, he said that he had not had any alcohol to drink. Instead, he explained he had a cold and was eating cough drops.
  • McNabb submitted to field sobriety testing, during which the officer noted that “[McNabb] was not able to stand without visibly swaying back and forth and side to side in a rotational pattern.”
  • McNabb did ultimately submit to blood testing, the results of which have not yet been returned from the Mesa Police Crime Lab.

McNabb has not commented on this recent DUI arrest, and it is unknown at this time if he has retained a defense attorney to represent him.

McNabb’s Previous DUI Arrest in 2013

On December 15, 2013, McNabb was arrested for a DUI in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. According to court records associated with that case, McNabb plead guilty to those DUI charges and was sentenced to:

  • One day in jail
  • Close to $1,500 in fines
  • An outpatient alcohol treatment program.

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