A Florida man who is now facing DUI charges has captured national headlines for the outrageous details of his DUI stop and arrest. According to various reports, the incident, which occurred earlier this month in Sarasota, started when local law enforcement officials attempted to pull the man over for allegedly speeding at around 8 pm on Tuesday October 6th.

In a DUI case making national headlines, a man tried to elude officers, then told cops his dog was driving, a Boulder DUI attorney explains. Here’s what can be learned from this case.

In a DUI case making national headlines, a man tried to elude officers, then told cops his dog was driving, a Boulder DUI attorney explains. Here’s what can be learned from this case.

Instead of stopping, however, the man allegedly sped away, swerving and driving into two roadside ditches in the process. After crashing into a home, the man reportedly ran from his car, darting between homes in an attempt to allegedly continue eluding officers.

Officers used a K9 unit to track down the man’s shirt, which they found in front of a church down the street. Very soon after that, a pastor from that church reportedly tracked down an officer to report that someone was hiding in the church bathroom, refusing to come out. Eventually, people at the church were able to get the man out of the restroom, at which point he was reportedly placed under arrest.

Upon his arrest, the man allegedly told officers, “my dog was driving that car. I ran because I wanted to.” Then, as the police report details, the man began regurgitating and explained that he had a back injury.

It’s unclear at this time whether BAC testing was performed and what the exact nature of the charges against this man are.

Bizarre Details Aside, Here’s What Drivers Can Take Away from this Story…

While it may be easy to see why this DUI arrest has made national news, the details of this incident can also reveal some important things to understand about DUI stops and arrests. Specifically, this story indicates how:

  • Failing to stop when officers are trying to pull you over can lead to bigger problems – In all likelihood, it can lead to additional criminal charges (like eluding a police officer) being filed. If these charges stick, it can mean additional penalties later if the case ends in conviction.
  • Attempting to flee usually doesn’t work out – In most cases, police officers have the resources to track down the people who attempt to elude them. And, as with the above point, trying to flee can make the situation far worse than it would have been had the driver just stopped and dealt with police in the first place.
  • What you say can be used against you later – So, be careful about what you say, don’t admit to being drunk, and absolute invoke your right to remain silent if or when necessary. Don’t give police more possible evidence against you by saying something that could be used later to try to prove impairment.

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