When states exchange DUI info

When states exchange DUI info

No, but most of them do. And that is because every state in the nation, with the exception of five states, has adopted the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), an agreement between member states to exchange information regarding drivers’ traffic infractions.

With the motto One Drive, One License, One Record, the IDLC is focused on holding motorists accountable for the traffic violations they commit in other states. The only states that have yet to adopt the IDLC include Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Given that Colorado is a member of the IDLC, here is what all Coloradans – as well as those who visit Colorado – should understand about the IDLC and out-of-state DUIs.

The IDLC & Out-of-State DUIs: The Facts

  • When motorists get DUIs in IDLC member states – When residents of IDLC member states are arrested for a DUI offense in another member state, the state where the DUI was incurred will inform the residents’ home state of the arrest and the case against that motorist. The accused driver will then typically have to return to the state where (s)he was arrested for/charged with DUI to resolve the case.
  • How IDLC members treat out-of-state DUIs for their residents – If the out-of-state DUI case ends in a conviction, the home state will impose the same penalties as it would had the DUI offense been committed within that state, per the terms of the IDLC. So, for instance, if a resident of Colorado is convicted of a DUI in another IDLC member state, that driver will generally face the same DUI penalties as though the DUI offense occurred in Colorado.
  • The exceptions to the rule – There is an exception to how IDLC member states penalize their residents for out-of-state DUIs (incurred in other member states), and this arises when the two states have different laws. So, for instance, if a motorist is convicted of a felony DUI offense in one state but the home state does not have felony DUI laws or penalties, the home state will have the discretion to apply DUI penalties as it sees fit.

The Bottom Line on Out-of-State DUIs

When it comes to out-of-state DUIs, the most important thing for motorists to understand is that retaining an experienced DUI lawyer will be integral to bringing their case to a favorable resolution. The fact of the matter is that out-of-state DUI cases can be far more complicated – and potentially far more costly – than in-state DUIs, especially considering the facts that:

  • Without a lawyer, the accused will have to travel back to the state where (s)he was arrested for allegedly driving drunk to appear in court (for every hearing) and resolve the cases.
  • DUI laws can differ from state to state, and an experienced attorney will be able to help motorists navigate these complexities.
  • Securing the best possible outcome to an out-of-state DUI case can be important to a bright and successful future.

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