Late last month, a man from Garden City, Colorado was arrested for DUI while riding a lawnmower while bar hopping. The man assumedly thought he was outsmarting the police since his license was already suspended from a previous DUI offense, and he thought that by driving a lawnmower instead of car, he was not committing DUI. As he learned the hard way, a person does not have to be driving a car to be arrested for DUI. The list of mechanisms that a person can be charged with DUI for operating while under the influence of alcohol can be found in C.R.S. §42-4-1301(1)(a). Some vehicles that are included in the statute are scooters, bicycles, and even horses.

It is important to remember that to be convicted of a DUI, the state must prove that not only was the person inebriated, but that they were operating a vehicle. Operating a vehicle is defined as maintaining physical control of the vehicle. There is a long list of factors that courts look at when determining if a person is maintaining physical control over a vehicle including whether the keys are in the ignition, the vehicle is running, and if the person is in a position to operate the vehicle (sitting in the front seat).

Applying these factors to a lawnmower, or other non-car vehicle, would be an interesting criminal case, but since witnesses report the man driving down the street in the lawnmower, it is probably not his best defense.

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