CO Authorities Make 269 DUI Arrests over 2015 Thanksgiving

CO Authorities Make 269 DUI Arrests over 2015 Thanksgiving

Over the 2015 Thanksgiving DUI crackdown in Colorado, 269 people were arrested for alleged drunk driving, according to officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

While more than half of these arrests were made over Saturday and Sunday, the agencies that reported the highest DUI arrests numbers over this period included the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), which made 69 DUI arrests, as well as the Aurora and Denver Police Departments, which reported making 28 and 23 DUI arrests, respectively.

2015 Thanksgiving DUI Arrests in Colorado Drop 22% from Last Year

The above data regarding this year’s DUI enforcement efforts in Colorado for the Thanksgiving holiday are certainly interesting. What may be more remarkable, however, is the fact that the 2015 total reflects a more than 22 percent drop in the rate of impaired driving arrests made in the state, when compared to last year’s numbers.

Additionally, when looking at DUI arrest rates in Colorado over past years’ Thanksgiving crackdowns:

  • Since 2013, the rate of DUI arrests has dropped nearly 35 percent (as 411 DUI arrests were made over the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday period).
  • The drop in DUI arrest rates has not been related to less enforcement, as there has been an increasing number of law enforcement agencies in Colorado participating in the Thanksgiving crackdowns (with 79 agencies joining the 2013 effort, 89 agencies supporting the 2014 crackdown and 102 agencies backing the 2015 campaign).

This two-year decline in DUI arrests over the Thanksgiving holiday does seem promising – and it seems to be reflective of a bigger trend, as:

  • We recently reported that the DUI arrests made over the 2015 Halloween enforcement period dropped about 40 percent (when compared to the numbers from 2013).
  • Federal officials have found that, since 2007, there has been a 30 percent drop in drunk driving across the nation.

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