Upcoming DUI Crackdowns in CO

Upcoming DUI Crackdowns in CO

Spring is just around the corner. And while that may mean that many people are planning for Spring vacations and activities, it also means that authorities in Colorado are gearing up for the next round of DUI enforcement efforts associated with The Heat Is On Campaign.

Specifically, over the next few months, these efforts will include statewide crackdowns over:

  • Patrick’s Day (March 11th through March 18th) – In 2015, Colorado authorities made 137 DUI arrests over this 7-day crackdown.
  • The Spring Enforcement Event (April 9th through May 15th) – With 1,870 DUI arrests made over this campaign in 2015, this marked one of the most effective DUI crackdowns in Colorado last year.
  • Memorial Day (May 27th through May 31st) – Over this five-day crackdown last year, authorities made 301 DUI arrests.

It’s important to note that these are not the only heightened DUI enforcement efforts being conducted in Colorado over the next few months, as some local law enforcement agencies throughout the state are running saturation patrols through  March, April and/or May via special LEAF funding (from the Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT).

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest in Colorado

With the next big crackdown just weeks away, here’s what you need to know about protecting yourself and minimizing the chances you will be arrested for a DUI:

  • Plan ahead – If you know you will be drinking alcohol or consuming any substance that will impair your ability to drive, make plans for a sober driver or to stay somewhere (possibly for the evening) until you are sober enough to drive.
  • Keep ride service numbers on hand – Although planning ahead is ideal, it may not always be possible. So, if you find yourself out and about and too impaired to get behind the wheel to drive home, make sure you have numbers for taxis, a chauffeur service and/or ride sharing services on hand so you have options readily available (and so you don’t think about risking driving and a DUI arrest).
  • Know how to protect your rights if you are pulled over – Understanding how to interact with police during a DUI stop can be integral to protecting your rights and limiting the chances you’ll be arrested for (or convicted of) a DUI in the future.

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