Gifts Versus Loans; What’s the Difference and Why are they Important?
June 30, 2014

One of the most important issues that a court decides in a dissolution of marriage action is the allocation of marital property, or in non-legal terms, who gets what. In Colorado, any property obtained by either party during the marriage (with some exceptions) is considered marital property and is divided equitably by the court. C.R.S. […]

Prenuptial Agreements in Colorado
April 8, 2014

Most people that go through a divorce are surprised at how long and nasty of a process it can turn into.  People may rationalize that getting a divorce will be similar to breaking up with their college sweet heart; there will be some tears, but it will be over quickly and the two people will […]

Special People, Special Needs
November 29, 2013

Having a family member with special needs requires special attention.  A qualified, experienced family law and estate planning attorney can help you determine what issues a lawyer can help you with in caring for your special needs family member. To begin with, your family member may qualify for certain government subsidies.  More specifically, they may […]