Can I Get My Colorado DUI Expunged?
November 5, 2015

Whether DUI expungements are an option for people in Colorado will depend on how their case was resolved, how long ago the DUI case was and whether the person seeking the expungement has incurred additional criminal charges since the DUI case. Eligibility Requirements for DUI Expungements in Colorado Teasing out the details of the above […]

Which States Share DUI Arrest & Conviction Information?
October 20, 2015

Most states share DUI arrest and conviction information with each other because the majority of states have adopted the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC). This effectively means that, if you are arrested for drunk driving in an IDLC member state – and you live in another IDLC member state, the DUI case information will be […]

Is It Better to Submit to or Refuse BAC Testing during a DUI Stop?
September 21, 2015

It depends on the circumstances is the short answer. That’s because: There are automatic penalties that can be imposed following BAC test refusals during Colorado DUI stops – These penalties involve an automatic driver’s license suspension, the term of which will depend on whether drivers have prior DUIs. For a first-time refusal, a one-year license […]

Drugged Driving Charges May Soon Be Distinct from DUI Charges, CO Lawmakers Say
August 20, 2015

Two Colorado legislators are currently spearheading the effort to develop drugged driving charges as distinct and separate from DUI charges. Currently in Colorado, motorists who are accused of driving while impaired by drugs are generally charged with DUI, which are also the charges filed when motorists are alleged to have been impaired with alcohol. This […]

Colorado Felony DUI Law Takes Effect Today
August 5, 2015

As of today, a felony DUI law is in effect in Colorado, allowing for felony charges to be filed when people are arrested for a DUI for a fourth time in the state. Given that this law will have some important new impacts – and that up to 1,700 people are expected to be facing […]

New Colorado Felony DUI Law: 4 Facts to Know
June 4, 2015

Days ago, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed felony DUI bill HB 15-1043, effectively making it law within the state. Given that this law will have some significant impacts on some drivers in Colorado – and that it has undergone multiple revisions, below are some of the most important facts to know about this new law. New […]

Out-of-State DUIs: DUIs for Non-Residents of Colorado
May 31, 2015

Colorado can be a wonderful place to vacation. But when vacationers are arrested for allegedly drunk driving, a carefree visit can turn into a legal headache. Here’s what non-residents of Colorado should know about out-of-state DUIs. Immediately after a DUI Arrest… People arrested for DUI in Colorado – both residents and non-residents – will typically […]

Colorado Felony DUI Bill: Bill Weakened to Appease Opposition, Address Cost Concerns
April 9, 2015

The Colorado felony DUI bill (HB-1043) that is currently making its way through the state legislature has recently been revised, with some of its provisions weakened in an effort to address cost concerns and appease the opposition to this bill. In particular, the revisions to the Colorado felony DUI bill have resulted in: Felony charges […]

Colorado Marijuana DUIs: FAQs (Pt. 3)
March 31, 2015

Wrapping up our series Colorado Marijuana DUIs: FAQs, below, we’ll answer some more questions that commonly arise in marijuana-related drugged driving cases. Colorado Marijuana DUIs: Here’s What Else You May Need to Know… Q – What if I have a medical marijuana card? Can this be used as evidence against me in Colorado marijuana DUI […]

Colorado Marijuana DUIs: FAQs (Pt. 2)
March 26, 2015

Resuming Colorado Marijuana DUIs: FAQs (Pt. 1), here, we’ll continue responding to some common questions people have about these specific types of drunk driving cases. Colorado Marijuana DUIs: More Answers Q – How soon do police have to administer blood tests for Colorado marijuana DUIs? A – At this point, there are not laws in […]