Whether DUI expungements are an option for people in Colorado will depend on how their case was resolved, how long ago the DUI case was and whether the person seeking the expungement has incurred additional criminal charges since the DUI case.

Eligibility Requirements for DUI Expungements in Colorado

Under certain circumstances, Coloradans can get DUI records expunged, a Boulder DUI lawyer explains. Here’s who qualifies for CO DUI expungements.

Under certain circumstances, Coloradans can get DUI records expunged, a Boulder DUI lawyer explains. Here’s who qualifies for CO DUI expungements.

Teasing out the details of the above answer, specifically, here are the requirements that have to be met in order for Coloradans to qualify for a DUI expungement:

  • The DUI case must not have ended in conviction: In other words, if there was a DUI arrest and/or DUI charges filed against someone, those charges must have been dropped/dismissed, or the case must have ended in an acquittal.
  • The DUI case must have occurred at least 10 years before.
  • The individual pursuing the expungement must not have acquired any new criminal charges or cases since the DUI. In other words, his record should be clean over the period from when the DUI was acquired to when he is seeking the expungement.

DUI Expungements in Colorado: More Important Info

  • Criminal records in Colorado – It’s important for people to realize that they don’t have to have been convicted of a crime in order to have a criminal record. If they are ever arrested and/or charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense – even if those charges are later dismissed, there will still be a criminal record associated with that arrest and/or those charges. And, anyone who runs a background check on that person can see it in the future.
  • Expungements for multiple cases – When people want to pursue an expungement in Colorado for multiple charges or cases, they will have to file a separate case for each record they want sealed – unless the multiple charges were related to the same offense.
  • Impacts of successful expungements – When people are able to successfully expunge their DUI (or other criminal) records in Colorado, they will effectively have wiped those offenses off of their record, meaning that anyone who runs a background check on them in the future will not be able to see these charges/cases. This can open up a number of important opportunities for people in the future.

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