How & when drivers can be penalized in CO for DUIs in other states

How & when drivers can be penalized in CO for DUIs in other states

Yes, DUI convictions acquired in other states may result in your penalties being imposed in Colorado, depending on the state where the DUI occurred.

This is because Colorado, along with the District of Columbia and 44 other states in the U.S., have adopted the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), an agreement between member states to exchange information regarding drivers’ traffic violations with each other.

So, if you are a Coloradan who incurs a DUI in another state that has adopted the IDLC, you can expect that that state will report the drunk driving case to Colorado and that, if the case ends in conviction, you will likely have to carry out the associated penalties in Colorado.

But that is not all you may need to know. Here’s is some more important information about out-of-state DUI cases and what they mean for Colorado residents.

The Facts about Out-of-State DUIs

  • Not all states have adopted the IDLC – Specifically, Georgia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Wisconsin are not considered to be member states. This can mean that, if you get a DUI in one of those states and you are a Coloradan, the charges and case may not be communicated to Colorado authorities (as it will be at non-member state’s discretion to do so).
  • Out-of-state DUI cases will be wrapped up in the state where they were incurred – This generally means that people will have to travel back to the state where they were charged with DUI to attend all court hearings and wrap up their case. If, however, the accused person has an experienced lawyer representing him or her, the lawyer can typically appear on behalf of the accused individual, preventing the need to return to the other state for each court proceeding necessary to resolve the case.
  • For DUIs incurred in other member states, convicted people can expect to serve the same penalties as if their DUI happened in Colorado – This is part of the terms of the IDLC, which states that member states will penalize traffic violations drivers committed in other states the same as if those infractions were committed in the home state. In other words, if your 2nd DUI conviction comes from another IDLC member state, you can generally expect to face the same penalties as you would had the DUI taken place in Colorado.

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