Whether a Colorado DUI can be expunged from your criminal record depends on the outcome of the DUI case, as well as some other factors, which we will reveal below.

Who Qualifies for DUI Expungement in Colorado?

When DUIs can be expunged in Colorado

When DUIs can be expunged in Colorado

DUI expungements in Colorado are generally an option when:

  • DUI arrests do not result in DUI charges; or
  • DUI charges do not result in convictions (because, for instance, the charges were dropped, or the case ended in an acquittal); AND
  • At least a certain number of years (usually 10 years) has passed since the DUI case; AND
  • The individual seeking the DUI expungement has not been charged with any new crime since the DUI case.

If, however, the DUI case did end in a conviction, expungement will not be an option.

DUI Expungement in Colorado: More Important Info

  • The expungement process – In order to obtain a DUI expungement in Colorado, it will be necessary to file a petition with the court, along with all of the necessary supporting documentation. If the court does not find a reason to deny the request, a hearing date will be set, during which time an individual will have the opportunity to present his case as to why he should be granted a DUI expungement.
  • Benefits of expungement – For those who qualify, pursuing an expungement may be integral to opening up future opportunities, including borrowing, educational and/or professional opportunities. That’s because, with a successful expungement, people can effectively wipe their criminal records clean so that any future background checks will not reveal the past DUI case.
  • A caution about expungements – While DUI expungements can be an effective way to remove a drunk driving arrest or case from a criminal record, it’s important for people to understand that, following a successful expungement, it may still be possible for some parties to access these records in the future. For instance, law enforcement officials (and/or others with specific court orders) may view expunged records at any point in the future if it is critical to an ongoing investigation.

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