DUI Defense 101: What to Do after a DUI Arrest
January 4, 2017

A DUI arrest can be upsetting, frustrating and maybe even embarrassing. Although it can be easy to feel alone – and like the world is against you – after you’re arrested for a DUI, please remember that: You have rights, and you are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. An arrest […]

New Year’s DUI Crackdown in Colorado Starts Friday
December 28, 2016

With the New Year almost here, many people across the state (and nation) are planning festive celebrations to ring in 2017. Law enforcement officers, however, are making their own plans – and those plans involve cracking down on any motorist suspected of drunk (or drugged) driving over the coming weekend. In fact, according to authorities […]

Drivers Beware: Heightened DUI Enforcement in Colorado Now Underway for Labor Day Weekend
August 31, 2016

With Labor Day just around the corner, law enforcement officials across the state are already out in greater force to track down and arrest any motorist suspected of drunk or impaired driving. As Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has reported: The heightened enforcement effort, which was kicked off about two weeks ago, will continue through […]

Social Experiment Reveals the Dangers of ‘Buzzed’ Driving, CDOT Reports
August 24, 2016

Focused on preventing impaired driving in Colorado, officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently conducted a fascinating social experiment to expose just how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel even after just a few drinks. This experiment involved a phony 3-hour brewery tour in Denver, during which a paid actor […]

What Happens after I Have Missed a DUI Court Date?
August 18, 2016

Missing a court date for your DUI case can have a number of consequences. Understanding what these can be – and what you can do to mitigate them – can be the key to avoiding additional challenges and penalties. And that, in turn, can be integral to bringing your DUI case to the best possible […]

4 Impacts of the New Colorado Felony DUI Law after Its First Year in Effect
August 12, 2016

Just over a year ago, the new felony DUI law in Colorado went into effect. This has allowed authorities in the state to file Class 4 felony charges against any motorist who has at least three prior DUI convictions on their criminal record (regardless of whether those convictions occurred in another state and/or how long […]

New Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Focuses Message on Spanish Speakers
August 6, 2016

La ultima y nos vamos – roughly translating to ‘one [drink] for the road’ – is the message at the center of CDOT’s latest anti-drunk driving campaign, which is aimed at deterring Spanish-speaking drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. This message and campaign is focused on reducing the number of drunk driving […]

Are There Alternative Penalties for Colorado DUIs?
July 31, 2016

Yes, alternative penalties and sentencing can be available in some DUI cases, depending on the circumstances of that case (as well as a driver’s criminal record). When available, these alternatives can significantly reduce the impacts of DUI penalties, potentially allowing people to save money, time and stress in resolving their DUI cases. Below, we have […]

Could Portable Breathalyzers Curb Drunk Driving? CDOT Hopes So…
July 25, 2016

Knowledge can be a great source of power. Looking to see just how this adage may affect drivers’ choices, regulators at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) are currently carrying out a DUI study to see just how knowledge of BAC levels may impact motorists’ transportation choices. Specifically, this study will monitor how drivers, who […]

DUI Facts: 4 Ways You Can Get a DUI without Driving
July 18, 2016

Colorado DUI charges can be filed against any driver in the state when there is probable cause (and sufficient evidence) to believe that person operated a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. Being pulled over and arrested for an alleged DUI, however, does not only occur when people are driving passenger vehicles. It […]